American Housewife, Season 3, Episode 14

Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television

Youtube Premium, Season 2, Episode 3

        Welcome to my site. I'm a 16-year-old actor in Los Angeles. Ever since I was a baby I've been in front of a camera. When I was six months old, I was in the CBS comedy Baby Bob. I got my first commercial when I was five. My mom Camille James Harman is an actress. I guess I inherited acting from her. My parents own Conjunction, LLC, a production company.  I love motorcycles!   My reel clips are on the next page.

With Bart Baker from "Sweatshirt Parody"

16 million views so far!

Photo by Charles Mitri

With Giselle Torres in Call Me

1 million view and counting!

My first acting role. I had my own trailer!


Aidan Harman

 Commercial Agent:
Abrams Artists Agency (310) 859-0625


DBA Talent Management/Deb Berger (858) 405-2200

Look for me in "Chicken Girls" on YouTube

Season 3, Episode 9, airing Fall 2018

Elliott Gould played my grandpa!

Joely Fisher played my mom!

With Giselle Torres in music video 15.

5 million views and counting!

Photo by Charles Mitri

Holland Taylor played my grandma!

Did you see her in "George of the Jungle?"

My parents' production company.